Let's see Webzen's video gameplay for 4 class character present in MU Legend (MU2) the latest version of the game has made the name of Webzen - MU Online.

The main theme in MU Legend will still be the endless conflict between the different races in the MU world. In the upcoming Open Beta, players will be given a choice of four classes: Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage.

Of the four classes, the Dark Lord is the old character class that appears in MU Online. The Dark Lord, who possesses extremely high damage and defensive stats, holds both tanker roles and main damage.

Video Gameplay Class Dark Lord:

On the other hand, Whisperer is a brand new class inspired by the original MU Online character class of Fairy Elf. Whisperer is a ranged character that freely adjusts distance and position between players and opponents at extremely high speed.

Video gameplay Class Whisperer:

Besides, the War Mage and Blader also promises to give players a lot of new and exciting to bring in the power of terrible. If the War Mage makes enemies fearful with powerful long-range shots, Blader is a melee-class melee weapon.

Video Gameplay Class War Mage:

Video gameplay Class Blader:

MU Legend will release the Global Open Beta test on September, 2017.