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U4GM Is Devoted To Provide You MU Legend Zen For Sale

Le 23 November 2017, 10:16 dans gaming 0

Massively multiplayer online games, or MMORPGs in short, are games that are enjoyed by vast numbers of gamers over the internet simultaneously. They are vast social hubs, as, where many people come together, communities form. In the past years, many of the newly-released online games followed a boring copy and paste pattern. Germany-based developer Webzen Games plans to shake things up a little with a fresh new take on the genre with their new Hack and Slash MMORPG MU Legend.

The game is based on Unreal Engine 3 and shares familiar features with MU Online as distinctive UI and controls, features a fully player-driven economy. This does not only mean that nearly all equipment, like armor and weapons, in the game are crafted by players from resources gathered by players, but also that every player action in the game has an impact. Thus, players can immerse themselves more in the world and game.

Therefore, enough cheap MU Legend Zen is really necessary during you fight with the bosses. U4GM is devoted to provide you MU Zen for sale as well as make your MU life easier. Hope you can be more successful in MU Legend.

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The Korean Version Of MU Legend Has A New Class

Le 15 August 2017, 10:31 dans gaming 0

Announced by Webzen on August 1, a new class "Emphasizer" was settled on the server of the Korean version of MU Legend. The fifth archetype is a female version of the magician, who owns the skills of mass control and weakening opponents. In honor of the release of "Emphasizer", studio has prepared as many as two trailers, which you can see below.

A Small Gameplay Trailer

Cinematic Trailer

MU Legend New Character Emphasizer Pre-booking

Le 5 August 2017, 12:04 dans gaming 0

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae Young) announced yesterday that it will add its first new class, "Emphasizer" to its MU LEGEND, a PC online game developed and serviced by the company.

Webzen plans to apply the fifth class 'Emphasizer' through the update on August 10th. Emphasizer, a female character that has been featured several times in the form of 'Tejing' from before the service, mainly uses skills and weapons specialized in 'crowd control' to steer or weaken the enemy.

Emphasizer is a character who has long been able to control things and minds through harsh training. It acts as a 'balanced dealership' that can inflict great damage on many enemies based on sophisticated attacks.

Webzen will also release a special interview with Jesper Kyd, an interview with Sungwoo Yoon, an actor who has played the voices of Emphasizer with the update, and a game musician who composed the main theme music of MU Legend.

Webzen will be in the pre-registration event for the Emphasizer update from 1st to 9th in advance of the update of Emphasizer. Users who have participated in pre-registration on the event page of MU Legend can receive items (200-item Red Jen, Lovely Little Amp Pet) that can be used in the game after the update.

In addition to this, Webzen also prepared a sweepstakes event to present 'Cultural Gift Voucher 10,000 won' through a lottery among the members who shared 'Emperisizer Teaser Video' on their reservation page.

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